Kirar Superior Healthcare

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Do you love helping people?

Are you interested in working in the health field?

Kirar Superior Healthcare

is offering 

3 month internships for High School Seniors

We offer four internships a year which includes Spring (2/1/24),  Summer (5/1/24), Fall (8/1/24), and Winter (11/1/24).   Our summer program is offered with full time hours.  Our program offers flexible hours to accommodate for senior events and activities.

To apply fill out the form below and then send an email to, please include 3 reason you are interested in our internship program and attach your resume.

                                                 Internship includes

  1. Front office and receptionist experience in the health field.
  2. Introduction to Insurance, OSHA and HIPAA rules and regulations.
  3. See X-Rays and shadow the doctors while treating patients with chiropractic, decompression and laser.
  4. Learn clerical skills, front desk skills and medical terminology.
  5. Letter of completion and recommendation.
  6. Paid $12.00 an hour.
  7. Possible job placement with in our company after graduation for part and full time hours.
  8. Flexible work schedule for College Students that are hired on as part time.

                                          Requirements for the internship

  1. Hours include 2:45 pm–6:30 pm Monday -Thursday.  (Spring, Fall, and Winter program)
  2. Seniors with a early release schedule. (Juniors may apply early for upcoming year)
  3. 3.5 GPA or above.
  4. Transportation to and from work.