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Kevin Couch
Satisfied Patient

“Dr. Kirar has helped me tremendously!
The whole staff are great, friendly and very helpful.
I really appreciate all they have done for me by making me feel better!

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I can now walk much better, turn my head further, my headaches have lessened, and not have as much pain as I did before I visited him. I would give him ten stars if I could! I would highly recommend Dr. Kirar for any discomfort you may have.”

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Jon Wittenberg
Satisfied Client

“Dr. Vance and Dr. Blake are wonderful. They have helped relieve my sciatica pain and I feel wonderful every time I walk out the door. It’s so nice to walk in and have a greeting and smiles meet me. I highly recommend them. Thank you all.”

Serge Gauthier
Satisfied Patient

I highly recommend Kirar Superior healthcare. I have never been to a Chiropractor before but after I was hurt in a car wreck and started to experience a lot of pain and discomfort. I reached out to them and I was seen the same day.

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Dr. Kirar took the time to explain my symptoms and established a treatment plan. I was very impressed with their level of care and professionalism.

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Lindsay Hujsak
Satisfied Patient

“I have to admit I was nervous at first but I’m a believer now. I’ve been progressing through my adjustments and I couldn’t be more pleased and pain-free. I know that I’m in great hands when it comes to Dr. Vance and the entire staff at Kirar Superior Healthcare. Plus if you ever need an amazing massage Mrs. Liz is fantastic!!!”

Pamela Keller
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Vance is the best. Very comfortable and friendly office and he listens carefully to what you/ your body
feels. After a very recent difficult lady surgery; he gave me an excellent specific area softer adjustment.
and I was pain-free afterward. My legs were hurting so badly and he helped me on that one visit!

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Oh several years ago I had shingles on my left hand
which left scars… he got rid of those scars with
adjustment/massage. He’s a really good caring
person as well as a first-class chiropractor!!

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Satisfied Patient

Dr. Vance Kirar and Dr. Blake Medford are amazing life savers. Their whole team are life savers. They helped me out a lot with my lower back pain that I had for years and just this year they saved me over 100s of dollars in allergy and sinus medications due to severe weather related allergies and sinus infections that I had suffered with before I started chiropractics with my husband. I highly recommend going to them for any if not all pain management and chiropractic needs.

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