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The 100 Year Lifestyle

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100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Essentials

  • The Power That Heals The Body

        Do you understand the power that heals the body? Almost everyone has an inner knowledge that mental and emotional “stresses” can cause illness in the body. However, the question has always been how and why? To understand the inner workings behind stress-induced symptoms, we need to understand and […]

  • A Prescription Drug Solution

          The high cost of prescription drug is often in the news and a major issue on many levels. Therefore, individuals, families, communities, and politicians are searching for answers as the cost of drugs and health care skyrocket and people keep getting sicker. Thus, a prescription drugs solution is […]

  • You Could Be a Centenarian

        If you’ve been reading The 100 Year Lifestyle stories about centenarians, nonagenarians, and supercentenarians, you have probably noticed that very few of these people expected to live as long as they have. Even fewer really know how to explain their healthy longevity and how they got there. What […]

  • Extreme Altitude Wines

        If you’ve been keeping up with The 100 Year Lifestyle stories of nonagenarians and centenarians, then you know that more than a handful of these healthy agers enjoy an occasional glass of wine. The health benefits of wine, particularly red wine, are well known. But do you know about the superior […]

  • Nature’s Blueprint for Health

        Nature’s blueprint for health. Exploring the predictive power of subluxations. In the natural sciences, a hypothetico-deductive model “is a proposed description of the scientific method. According to it, scientific inquiry proceeds by formulating a hypothesis in a form that can be falsifiable, […]

  • The Fine Print

        The trust Americans have in our government’s handling of our health care has long been a topic of conversation. It was before COVID, during, and has been ever since. But are we having the right conversation? Is the issue really about trust? Or is it actually about our, the public’s, lack of […]

  • What a Year of Chiropractic Care Could Mean for You

        Just imagine the possibilities. You are just one decision away from your healthiest year – perhaps ever. In the blink of an eye, you could make a lifestyle choice that would impact your quality of life, and the quality of life of those who love you. Imagine what a year of chiropractic care The post […]

  • Living Your Best 100 Year Lifestyle

        The New Year is almost here. As we look forward to the possibilities of what can be, and what we’d like to be, perhaps the best way to get a clear picture is to take a step back. Before we get caught up in the details, let’s look at the big picture of The post Living Your Best 100 Year Lifestyle […]

  • The Tones of Health

        The Tones of Health D.D. Palmer, the originator of chiropractic, described chiropractic as an art, science, and philosophy “founded on tone.” We’ve all heard of sympathetic fight-or-flight activity or “sympathicotonia,” which is a shift in the nervous system toward a heightened stress […]

  • Do One Hard Thing

        We have the Japanese to thank for the idea of misogi. It’s a purifying ritual usually involving making a pilgrimage to a freezing cold waterfall. In the west we have adapted the concept of misogi to mean doing one hard thing, once a year. If you do it right, according to Jesse Itzler, The post Do […]

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