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Sports Chiropractic

Athletes utilize sports chiropractic to heal quickly and optimize their performance.  We have extensive experience working with athletes of all ages from dancers to soccer players.  Including our doctors personal experience as collegiate athletes. See below for their stories.   Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you’ll appreciate the results.

I was a NCAA division 1 wrestler for Marquette university, an Espoir Greco-Roman All-American, and also wrestled for Eastern Illinois University before I injured my back while training. After several months of struggle, working with the trainer with no success, the head orthopedist sent me for a Lumbar MRI.  The next week the orthopedist read my MRI. He said I had a disc bulge and L4-L5, and a Disc Herniation at L5-S1. He recommended Pain killers, muscle relaxers, and surgery…  see the link below for the rest of the story.

My father, Dr. Don Johnston, not only practiced chiropractic but he also lived it. We were raised with no vaccinations, no medication, and no surgeries unless life threatening. We took vitamins, we were adjusted and we made herbal teas to stay healthy, along with raising our own cows and growing our own food from the garden. It was during track when everything changed for me, and I really understood what chiropractic was. 

I started running my 8th grade year in track, I knew I was fast, I just had never put that theory to the test until I joined the sprinting team. No one could keep up with me, I pretty much blew my competition away. My freshman year in high school started out the same way, I was the undefeated 100 and 200-meter sprinter on the team. I also competed in the Triple and Long jump, and this is where I got in trouble…  see the link below for the rest of the story.