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Dr. Vance Kirar

Founder and Senior Doctor

Dr. Vance Kirar knows that it isn’t easy navigating a healthcare challenge for yourself or a loved one. Many people find themselves in situations they aren’t prepared for, facing decisions without all the information they need. If there’s been a lifetime of bad habits based on bad information and bad care that has created more faith in drugs than the innate wisdom of the body to heal – then living and aging in today’s society can be difficult and frightening.

His life story is about navigating that same system for his loved ones and himself. As a child, Dr. Vance watched his mother deal with a 75 degree scoliosis. This determined mother of 6 sought help from a system that offered drugs and surgery but no guarantees. Finding that to be an unacceptable way to live, this naturalistic-minded woman turned to chiropractic care. Today, at 75, she is the miracle. This drug free former fitness trainer, yoga and pilates instructor still works out and holds classes.

As a child watching his mother’s journey unfold Dr. Vance developed an early understanding of the potential of the body and declared at the age of 13 that he had decided to become a chiropractor.

Today, Dr. Vance has a thriving local practice where he helps hundreds of people a year live at 100% – their 100 Year Lifestyle. Additionally, he is a sought after speaker for groups, organizations, and companies that want to create their own 100 Year Lifestyle and culture.

Dr. Vance is a proud father of three children and a devoted husband to his wife and business partner, Dr. Jill Kirar. Together they opened Kirar Superior Healthcare in 2004.His hobbies include martial arts, deep-sea fishing, soccer, volleyball, weight training, yoga, and being the greatest dad possible!