Kirar Superior Healthcare

Family & Sports CHIROPRACTOR IN Ladson SC 29456

Interview Questions

  1. Let’s talk about the health of the tri-county area.
  2. What do you mean when you say, “Be realistic, but expect a miracle?”
  3. What is chiropractic care?
  4. Isn’t aging just a natural process and how you age is just the luck of the draw based on genetics?
  5. People go to their doctors when they are sick. Why would anyone want to go to a chiropractor when they feel good?
  6. Do you treat people of all ages?  What for?
  7. What’s the difference between family chiropractic care and sports chiropractic care?
  8. What’s a “least vulnerable person” and how can we keep ourselves healthy during these challenging times?
  9. Why is the health of your spine and nervous system so important?
  10.  What are some of the ways parents can give their kids a healthy start in life?
  11. Are you ever too old to start seeing a chiropractor?