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News & Story Ideas

1. So you think you’re doing everything right?

You exercise, eat right, and meditate or practice stress reduction. You may think that’s enough, but it isn’t. Dr. Vance Kirar will clearly explain the importance of FitNESS which stands for neurology, nutrition, endurance, strength, and structure. Each of these is essential if you want to live your life at 100%, possibly for 100 years or more.

2. 100:100 - Living at 100% for 100 Years or more.

The evidence of the Longevity Crisis can be seen on nearly every street corner in every town. Assisted living centers and memory care facilities are popping up everywhere. People are living longer, but those extra years aren’t necessarily healthy. How can you plan to live a long, healthy life? Dr. Vance Kirar can help you create a lifestyle of healthy longevity.

3. What you need to know as you and your loved ones age.

Dr. Vance Kirar has been navigating the medical system for his family, and himself, his entire life. There are key points about the body’s innate ability to heal that – if you understand them – can be game changers for you and the ones you love.

4. Parents, are you doing everything you can to keep your young athletes healthy and in the game for life?

Exercise and fresh air are essential parts of growing up healthy. But parents today are dealing with concerns about sending their kids out on the field. Dr. Vance Kirar sheds some light on how to keep young, growing bodies healthy and in the game.

5. Your Health, Your Healing, Your Responsibility. What is your GPS for health? What is your most important asset?

Dr. Vance Kirar sheds light on the toughest decisions we make about our health and healthcare system. It is our responsibility to know what is best for our bodies. We have to consult with doctors we trust and have our best interest for true healthcare (not sick care) at heart. You can form a healthcare team with doctors that understand how the body functions without drugs and surgery, so the focus is performance, longevity, and vitality!

Dr. Vance has been changing the health of the community for 20 years and uses the 100 year lifestyle principles and 5 essentials to do so. “These principles work, they just need to be applied to your life so they can work for you, for 100 years and beyond.”